Wefted Beaded Row Class - Nov 7, 8, 9
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We are offering a 3 day class on the famous Wefted Beaded Row Technique (aka Hand Tied method) for only $1099. Wefted Beaded Rows are perfect for students that don’t know how to braid. It is a safe braid-less sew-in hair extension technique that can benefit any hair type. It uses silicone lined aluminum rings to create a strong foundation that any kind of Wefted or Hand Tied human hair can be sewed onto.

This 3-day course will be held in Poway (San Diego, CA) on Nov 7, 8, 9 from 12 to 6 pm w/ a 1 hr lunch. On the 1st day, you will be taught how to apply the silicone line copper beads to create the foundation to which wefted or hand-tied hair will be sewn onto. On the 2nd day, you will be taught how to properly sew Wefted & Hand Tied hair onto the foundation that you mastered the previous day. This technique lays extremely flat which allows your clients to wear their hair in a variety of styles: high ponytail, French roll or a bun.

The 3rd day is a laid back refresher course w/ Q &A focused on perfecting  what you have  learned. Your take home kit will include 1 mannequin head, 1 tripod, 2 latch hook needles, 3 silicone lined aluminum rings in three different colors, 1 opening tool, 1 closing tool, 1 pack of wefted hair, 2 pieces of Hand Tied hair, 2 curved sewing needles, alligator clips, 3 different colors of nylon thread in blonde, black, & brown, a Wefted Beaded Row Technique Curriculum, 3 zoom mentoring hours on how to grow your Hair Extension Business, lunch, a certificate of completion, and a small ceremony w/ a champagne toast by the pool! Please act quickly as there are only 4 spots available. To reserve your spot, a non refundable deposit of $549.50 will be required by 10/16/21. The final payment will be required by 10/31/21. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Venmo & Cash App only.

Josette Desrosiers, owner of California Hair Extensions Academy is a certified Hair Extension Specialist, Certified Hair Loss Specialists, Custom Wig Maker, and Hair Extension Educator w/ over 26 years of experience. For more info or to register, please contact:

(858) 231-1837