The California Hair Locks method is an innovative, non-damaging, strand-by-strand method that attaches pre-tipped extension hair to the client’s own natural hair by using a Micro Ring and a small latch hook instrument to hold it in place. Students will learn the proper way to apply this extension method by using tools provided by California Hair Extensions Academy.

The California Hair Lock Toolkit includes the following: 150 strands of I-Tip reusable Human Hair, 100 Micro Rings in 5 jars, each jar contains a different type of Micro Ring. For example, Regular Micro-Rings, Silicone Copper Micro Rings, Screw Rings, Copper Micro Rings, and Silicone Aluminum Rings. Your toolkit also includes Opening / Closing Tools, a Pulling Needle, and everything that is needed for your first client! It’s easy! No Glue! No harsh chemical removal! No mess! No Hair Damage! This is just one state-of-the-art technique’s that will place you among those in high demand for your skill and creativity. You can add this skill to your portfolio for the low price stated below. Your curriculum will include valuable information as part of your takeaway package!


California Hair Fusion

This is a well-known extension method within the multi-million dollar beauty and hair care industry, similar to California Hair Locks. The California Hair Fusion method is also a strand-by-strand method, attaching pre-tipped extension hair to the client’s natural hair by using a keratin adhesive with a special heating tool to create a natural, free-flowing look for your client.

Your California Hair Fusion Toolkit includes: 150 strands of Keratin Tip (U-Tip) Human Hair, your special heating tool mentioned above to ensure your proper application of the hair extensions, and two Protective Shields – essentially, you will have everything you need to perform this money-making technique properly and be amazed at the ease of application.


Malaysian Pole Weaving

Learn how to apply wefted hair to a client’s head without braiding! The Malaysian Pole Weaving process is a unique extension method which involves the use of a special hair weaving machine that entwines string with the client’s hair to create a flat base across their head. The weft is then sewn into the base for a more natural look that your client will love! Students will learn how to use the weaving machine and the proper way to sew wefts to a client’s head.

Your Malaysian Pole Weaving Kit includes your own Pole Weaving machine, three small spools of nylon hair weaving thread (one Blonde, two Brown), three curved needles, one small bottle of Liquid Tape and one pack of 14″ Human Hair. Your Kit also includes a written curriculum for use during and after course completion. A great process for those who prefer not to using the braiding method!


Full Braided Sew-In Weave

The Full Braided Sew-In Weave is a popular extension method for African American culture. The client’s hair is braided up in Josette’s unique braided pattern, which will serve as the base for the wefts of hair to be sewn in. Students will learn the customized braiding pattern and how to sew the hair onto the wefts to create a natural look for your client.

Your Full Braided Sew-In Weave Kit includes three curved needles, one spool of nylon thread, two packs of Human hair and one pack of Synthetic Braiding Hair. *Students must bring their own Kinky haired mannequin.


Signature Flat Weave

California Hair Extensions’ Signature Flat Weave is what your client has been waiting for! This method incorporates Malaysian Pole Weaving with a Full Braided Sew-In that will allow your client to wear their hair in a combination of styles while giving them the hair they have always desired. Students will learn both the pole weaving and the full-braided sew-in weave techniques, making them a more versatile stylist able to accommodate clients of all hair types.

Your Signature Flat Weave Kit includes your own Pole Weaving Machine, three small spools of nylon thread (one Blonde, two Brown), one large spool of nylon thread, three curved needles, two packs of Human Hair, and one pack of Synthetic Braiding Hair. *Students must bring their own Kinky haired mannequin.


*All classes and prices include pick up to and from the hotel to the Academy, lunch and a private learning atmosphere. Students are expected to bring their own mannequins for learning purposes. California Hair Extensions Academy will provide all other tools such as learning kits,100% Human Hair, for you to take home, etc. Classes are booked according to the demand and client scheduling and will be conducted from 10:30am-4:30pm. The Signature Flat Weave requires a commitment of two days. A non-refundable deposit is required when booking a class. Students will be given a Certificate of Completion in recognition of taking a class at California Hair Extensions Academy, Inc. We accept all forms of payment through PayPal. Call for class schedules and openings.


Did you know that you do not have to be a licensed cosmetologist to perform hair extensions in the State of California?

This means anyone can get certified in doing hair extensions and make extra money from home. Just sign-up for one of our many in-person hair extension classes.

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