Tape-In Hair Extensions

The Tape-In Hair Extension method takes thin wefts of 100% human hair in 14"-24" lengths, that then get applied in between your own hair in rows. This is 100% natural, requires no tools or chemicals, and lasts up to 8 weeks before reattachment. Depending on your hair type, it could take less than 2 hours to reapply.

Full Head Application Includes Cut/Style $575+
Reusable Hair Included

Wefted Beaded Rows

Wefted Beaded Rows are Hair Extensions that are sewn on a foundation created by silicone lined aluminum beads. After the foundation is created, then machine or hand tied wefts are sewn onto the beads creating a very natural and versatile look for your Hair Extensions. This method has been popular for over 20 years. It is perfect for any hair type. They do not slip out and do not take long to install.

Wafted Beaded Rows $65 per row
Reusable Hair Not Included
Includes Cut/Style Included

California Hair Fusion Before & After

California Hair Fusion

California Hair Fusion is generally the preferred method as fused hair extensions can last up to three to four months with skilled application and proper care. With fusion hair extensions, the extensions will be indistinguishable from your natural hair. This style of extensions uses 14"-24" 100% human hair and as we use keratin adhesive lasts up to 4 months. It is undetectable with no shedding and can be combined with other methods or worn alone. The average head needs anywhere from 100-175 strands.

Full Head Application Including Cut and Style $650+
Reusable Hair Included
Home Kit: Shampoo, Conditioner & Brush Sold Separately
Removal of Hair Fusion $75

per hour with 1 hour minimum

Malaysian Pole Weaving Before & After

Malaysian Pole Weaving

This is a track by track method combining the client’s natural hair with three strands of thread that are attached to a special weaving machine. This forms a flat base that wefted human hair is sewed onto. The technique lies very flat to the head and works on all hair types and is easy to style and can even be worn in a ponytail. This method lasts 8-10 weeks.

Price Per Row Including Cut $65
Reusable Hair Sold Separately
Cut and Style Included

Brazilian Knot Hair Extensions Before & After

Brazilian Knot Hair Extensions

Brazilian Knot Hair Extensions is popular in Brazil, Europe, and around the country. Used to add color, volume, length or bangs to your own natural hair, Brazilian Knot extensions are attached using a special threading technique. A thread is wrapped around the hair shaft at the root and strands of hair are added in one at a time. At California Hair Extensions we use 100% Virgin Brazilian hair for your Brazilian Knots. This technique requires skill and patience, but when done correctly the extensions are undetectable.

Full Head Application Including Cut and Style $799+
Price Per Row Including Cut $75
Reusable Hair Sold Separately
Removal of Brazilian Hair Knots $50

per hour with 1 hour minimum

 California Hair Locks Before & After

California Hair Locks

The California Hair Locks method is an innovative, non-damaging, strand-by-strand method that attaches pre-tipped extension hair to the client’s own natural hair by using a Micro Ring and a small latch hook instrument to hold it in place. People that enjoy the free flowing effect delivered by attaching reusable hair strands find the Hair Locks method suitable. It is advised that you maintain your Hair Lock Extensions. Price includes 14-24" Reusable strands of 100% human hair, Installation, blending haircut and style.

Full Head Application includes reusable Hair Extensions $599+
Home Kit: Shampoo, Conditioner & Brush Sold Separately

California Hair Toppers Before & After

California Hair Toppers

Our unique California Hair Topper systems offers top of the head coverage without shaving or bonding. The piece is custom made by California Hair Extensions Owner, Josette Desrosiers, for a personalized natural look. California Hair Toppers can be made as a top of the head clip on Hair Extension or sewn permanently and lasts 4-6 weeks before reattachment. If you take care of your unit it could last 6-8 months depending on the method of attachment. California Hair Toppers is the perfect solution for women who suffer from Alopecia or Trichotillomania that are looking for top of the head coverage. California Hair Toppers can be combined with any other hair extension technique to complete your look. Call for your free consultation!

Application, Hair Topper Unit Including Cut and Style $599.00-$675.00

Full Braided Sew-In Weave Before & After

Full Braided Sew-In Weave

The Full Braided Sew-In Weave is a popular extension method in the African American culture. The client’s hair is braided up in Josette’s unique braided pattern, which will serve as the base for the wefts of hair to be sewn in. A Sew-In-Weave is a great way to add length and volume while growing out your natural hair. 100% reusable human hair can be purchased at California Hair Extensions. We carry a variety of different textures for every hair type.

Full Sew-In Including Cut and Style $299
Reusable Hair Sold Separately
Removal of Sew-In Weave $50

California Signature Flat Weave Before & After

Josette’s California Signature Flat Weave

California Hair Extensions Signature Flat Weave is what the hair industry has been waiting for! This method combines the Malaysian Pole Weaving Technique with a specific Braiding Pattern that allows you to wear your hair in a combination of styles while giving your hair a rest from everyday stress.

Full Sew-In Including Cut and Style $350+
Reusable Hair Sold Separately
Removal of Flat Weave $50